Meet Leyla Bringas, Founder of Lunaroma

Leyla Bringas, Founder and Director of Lunaroma

Leyla Bringas, Founder and Director of Lunaroma®

Meet Leyla Bringas

The art and science of aromatherapy relies on the aromatherapist's vision and skill in producing blends of the highest aromatic and therapeutic quality. "The real magic of the Lunaroma collection starts with sourcing the finest organic and wild-crafted botanicals, along with Vermont honey, maple syrup and herbs. Using these premier ingredients, we handcraft our masterful botanical blends in small batches in our Vermont apothecary, always adhering to our unrelenting quality standards," notes Leyla Bringas, Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Lunaroma. The results are the exceptional bath and body care products we are sharing with you.

Last updated: 09/17/2021