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Employee Garden Photos

Gardener's Supply employees, please share photos of your gardens!

Show us your Gardener's Supply products in action! Or any photo of your garden! A houseplant in your office space, a tomato plant on your stoop, a perennial flower border, a backyard vegetable garden — every garden is unique, and we'd love to see yours!

Please upload your photos here, using your email address:

or on Instagram by tagging @gardeners and #employeegardenphoto (if your account is private, we won't be able to see you tagging us).

Each photo will go through our moderation process; then it will appear in the carousels below and on our new We are a Company of Gardeners page.

(By uploading your photos, you are giving us permission to use them in social posts, on product and advice pages, and anywhere else online and in print, with or without credit.)

Last updated: 7/11/19