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Sunflower Trellis Assembly Instructions

The Sunflower Trellis comes in two sections with two mounting brackets attached to each section. The trellis may be mounted on a wood, concrete or other surface. You will need to provide 8 screws appropriate for mounting the trellis on the surface you are using.

Step 1. Connect the trellis sections
Align the two trellis sections, by having a second person hold the lower trellis section while you align and insert the 3 tubes from the upper trellis section. Make sure the upper trellis section is fully seated into the lower section before mounting.

Step 2. Mount the trellis
Mount the trellis starting with the lower brackets. Have a second person hold the trellis sections together while you insert the screws. The brackets swivel so before you fasten them, adjust them so that they are level and stationary, with the flat sides against the wall.

Depending on your location, you may need a ladder to attach the upper brackets. Make sure the upper trellis section is fully seated in the lower section, then attach the upper brackets with screws. The assembly is now complete. We hope you enjoy the trellis for many years to come.