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Copper Cap Raised Bed
Assembly Instructions

Our Copper Cap Raised Bed is fast and easy to assemble so you can begin planting the same day! Made of cedar, it is naturally rot- and insect-resistant and will weather to a silvery gray after several seasons of use. These assembly instructions are for both the 3' x 3' Raised Bed and the
3' x 6' Raised Bed.


The 3' x 3' Raised Bed includes the following parts:
(4) 3' Cedar Sides
(4) Corner Posts
(4) Copper Caps
(8) nails (taped to Caps)
(16) 1-½" Phillips screws

The 3' x 6' Raised Bed includes the following parts:
(2) 3' cedar sides
(2) 6' cedar sides
(4) Corner Posts
(4) Copper Caps
(8) nails (taped to Caps)
(16) 1-½" Phillips screws

Tools needed for assembly:
Phillips screwdriver

Step 1. Choose a location in your yard or garden that is appropriate for the type of plants you will be growing in your raised bed. Clear the site of sod and weeds and make it as level as possible.

Step 2. Before you begin assembling your raised bed, place a Copper Cap over each post and attach the Caps using the nails provided.

Find the aluminum angles attached to the inside of the cedar sides. There is one edge of the aluminum angle that is flush with the bottom edge of the cedar side. Place that edge on the ground (Fig 1). Now attach the corner posts to the sides using the 1-1/2" screws. Insert the screws through the pre-drilled holes of the aluminum angles and into the corner posts. (The edge of the aluminum angles should line up with the inside edge of the corner post.) Tighten the screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Be sure the screws enter the wood straight and not at an angle.

Step 3. Repeat step 2 until all four sides are attached to the corner posts.

Step 4. Place the assembled bed in the site you have cleared and fill it with soil. We recommend mixing in plenty of organic matter such as aged manure or compost. You are now ready to begin planting!


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