Bamboo structures over tall plants in garden

Growing Wildflowers

Wildflower meadows offer a very attractive alternative to traditional lawns and gardens. They only need mowing once or twice a year, and they don't require watering or fertilizing. Beneficial insects such as mason bees, butterflies and lady beetles thrive on the protection and food they provide. And many people find their casual charm is a welcome change from closely shaved grass and heavily mulched borders.

Urban Gardening with Vegetables

Urban gardening often means growing on rooftops, balconies, alleyways, sidewalks or whatever little space the gardener has available. If you are new to growing vegetables in containers, or have had limited success, here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Bamboo structures over tall plants in garden

Lawn Reimagined

Join us in redefining the perfect lawn not as a weed-free sea of green, but as a beautiful and thriving place that’s welcoming to people and pollinators!