Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap

Yellow Jacket and Wasp Trap


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Additional Information

Trap Catches Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps

  • ​Traps harmful stinging insects
  • ​Makes it safer and more enjoyable to spend time outdoors
  • Controls without chemicals or poisons
  • Durable; use it again and again

Trap catches wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Six entry tunnels attract from all directions. Once they've entered, they can't escape. Durable construction allows you to reuse the traps year after year. Controls without the use of chemicals or poisons, so it's safe for you and the environment. Yellow jackets and wasps are most aggressive in the early spring while forming nests and in late fall while they're searching for sweet food sources. Simply add your bait (cat food, raw meat or fish) and wasps will enter and be trapped.

Product Details

  • Plastic
  • ​5-1/4" W x 5-1/4" H x 6-1/2" L
  • Weighs .45 lbs.


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