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Worm Composter Transforms Vegetable Scraps into Valuable Fertilizer

  • Attractive kit for making your own worm compost
  • Easy; no fuss, no mess
  • Make super-nutritious compost and compost tea
  • Keep food scraps out of the landfill
  • Worms sold separately
Worm Farm Composter

Let worms do the work, transforming your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer. It's a fun project that's good for the earth, too, by keeping food scraps out of the landfill. The stylish shape and choice of colors make the Worm Farm Composter at home in a kitchen, mudroom, hallway or pantry. Once the process gets underway you can add up to a half pound of scraps per day to the worm composter, about the average food waste for a family of four. When setting up your worm composter keep in mind that 68 degrees F. is the ideal temperature.

The Worm Farm Composter comes with two trays. When the bottom one fills up, the worms move up to the top tray. Allow the compost in the bottom tray to mature for about a month while you add your food scraps to the top tray. Empty the finished compost and repeat the process as necessary. Use the spigot on the bottom to dispense nutrient-rich compost tea for use on houseplants and garden plants.

Product Details

  • Plastic, wood
  • 19-1/2" L x 15" W x 24" H
  • Weighs 11 lbs. 1 oz.

A neat product but costs twice what it should


I just received this a few weeks ago. The assembly directions are pretty straightforward, but it did not have pre-drilled holes for the legs to attach as stated. It required more time to assemble as I had to get an electric drill to pre-drill holes to attach legs. It is neat looking and so far my worms are doing well. I am using it in a preschool classroom and wish it cost less than $100.00.

Pre-K teacher

Rockland, ME


A stylish way to turn kithchen scaps into compost


A stylish way to turn kithchen scaps into compost

Fr. Adam

Central PA


It will last forever, no need to rebuy but I would recommend


Nice, easy to take care of and move around


Tucson, Az


Great product


The worm composter is a really cool item. I first learned about compost worms at a library program and wanted to try it with my husband as we are gardeners. So for Christmas I ordered him a kit. Several suggestions: Simplify your instructions to give a step by step process of putting this together. The present ones are confusing and very busy. Section off what you need to feed the worms and what not to feed them. Include in your instructions that you have a helpful video clip on your site that is quite helpful. The instructions say that you should have approximately 250-300 worms in your tier, the worms that were sent were 1000 and said that if you did not need all of them that they would take them back. I would recommend have quantities of 500 rather than 1000. You need to let customers know that they are to put there compost scraps in the top tier so that the worms climb up to the top rather than put them in the bottom where you start off with the worms. It is very confusing for the novice wormer. It is an excellent product, but the instructions need to be more clear for the customer and also for the customer service person that is trying to help us answer our questions. Do you need to wash the filter or replace it after a time? Wouldn't the filter stink if you did not clean it with this worm pee going through?




It's ok but not as nice as I was hoping for


I received product and it was as expected from the package. Easy to put together. Once I started using it though, I had some issues. I am unable to get worm tea from the bottom container through the drain. My bottom container is full of liquid but will not drain from open drain valve. I have tried clearing it to see if there is something blocking it and there is nothing. Also, mine is fairly messy and I could never keep it inside as they suggest you can. I'm debating if I even want it in my basement. Overall, the concept seems neat but I am a little disappointed with mine.


Neenah, WI



I will buy one very soon


Josephine Texas


Good Idea but messy to maintain


It was easy to set up the worm farm until the worms came, they have been escaping and dying on the floor since we have gotten the farm. Can't seem to get the worms to stay in the farm once you release them. No composting going on and I feel bad, it was a good idea just not great execution.

Cute idea but bad on delivery of compost

Westampton, NJ


Worm Composter


I have not had this long enough to really evaluate. I like the actual composter. It is very nice looking. I keep it in my enclosed carport. I would rate it higher, but for the fact that the worms seem to be very slow breaking anything down. They are still alive but I can not see them composting a lb of product per week at this point. I am hoping they will multiply and the composting will go faster. Right now it is a kind of trial and error.

Okra Man

Mechanicsville Virginia

Make worm composting easy!!


I use to it compost kitchen waste in the house


Moorhead, MN


Love Vermicomposting, Do NOT Love This Unit!


I have been vermicomposting at home, at work, and with local school kids for almost a decade. I typically use the Can-O-Worms unit (which I can highly recommend). I decided to try out this 'Worm Farm Composter' unit for my outreach programs this year, since the design looked so cute. However, after using it for the last 6 months, I would NOT recommend this unit. The Issues: The mesh liner (separates the worm bins from liquid reservoir at the bottom) disintegrated within a month or two of use & seems to prevent liquid from reaching the reservoir; the bins/lid can have spaces & do not close particularly well (I did not have escapees, but this does lend itself to the problem); the air holes on top are very small & do not seem to be adequate (I also widened them on one unit & didn't really help). The largest problem is that the entire unit does not drain liquid very well....this causes your bedding (I use coconut coir) to become overly saturated & yet almost no liquid (worm tea) makes it's way out of the unit. This really compacts each level & is not a very comfortable environment for the worms. Typically, this is when worms try to escape - when their environment is overly wet, overly dry, wrong foodstock.... I really loved the design of this composter, however, the design flaws are such that I will no longer purchase additional ones (in fact, I am having to re-order some new worm-composters for one of my school & I am going back to the Can-o-Worms unit).

Outreach Coordinator



Worm Farm Composter

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