Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Insert, 12”

Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Insert, 12”


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Additional Information

Ups-A-Daisy® Pot Insert Saves Soil and Improves Drainage

  • Creates a false bottom in 14-16" round pots
  • Reduces soil capacity by up to 50% so you save money
  • Less soil means less weight, so pots are easier to move

The patented Ups-A-Daisy pot insert makes it easier to prepare, plant and maintain round planters. Simply set the insert into the planter as far down as it will go, usually about half-way. Then fill the remaining space with soil and plant your flowers, foliage or vegetable plants. The layer of air underneath the soil keeps it aerated and improves drainage, promoting healthier plants. And with less heavy soil, the pot is easier to move.

Product Details

  • Plastic
  • 12" in diameter x 3/4" thick
  • Made in USA

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