Simple view of weed and root remover

UpRoot® Weed and Root Remover


Item# 39-572
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Additional Information

Control Weeds Easily, Without Chemicals

  • Handy tool uses leverage to make it easy to pull deep-rooted weeds
  • Easy on your back because it uses leg power — no bending, twisting or yanking
  • Recommended by the Arthritis Foundation

This tool makes it easy to remove and discard deep-rooted weeds like dandelions and thistles. Just position the stainless steel claws over the weed, step on the lever and pull back on the handle; the claws pull the weed out by the roots. Then just push the grip and eject the weed into your cart — no bending, no yanking!

Product Details

  • Aluminum, stainless steel
  • 39" L overall; 3" L claws, 8" step


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