Barebones™ Precision Hand Hoe

Barebones™ Precision Hand Hoe


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Precision Triangle Hand Hoe: Hardworking Tool at a Value Price

Sturdy precision hand hoe has a triangular blade that's so versatile in the garden. Use it to break up soil clumps, dig out stubborn weeds, make holes for bulb planting, create furrows for sowing seeds, and weed in tight spaces between plants. The tool is nicely balanced so that the weight of the tool does the work for you. The 2mm blade and shaft are made from heat-treated stainless steel that is durable and rust-resistant. An attractive blackened finish gives it a vintage feel. The handle is turned from bamboo, a rapidly renewable resource. All sharp edges feature single-bevel chisel grind that can be easily resharpened. The blade is riveted and welded to the shaft. The barbed shaft extends 6" into the handle and is secured with strong metal adhesive and collar. Leather hanging loop.

Barebones™ designs and manufactures garden products with a focus on artful and ergonomic design, durability, and sustainable materials. Committed to a culture of giving back, Barebones partners with organizations and individuals around the world in relief projects to help those in need obtain the modern "barebones" needs of life — food, water, shelter and power.

Product Details

  • Heat-treated stainless steel, bamboo, leather
  • 14" L x 6-1/2" W
  • 2mm thick blade

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