detailed packaging for 30 quart bag of transplanting potting soil with mycorrhizae

Transplant Mix, 30 Qts.



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Premium Planting Soil Mix with SuperRoot Booster Helps Transplants Thrive

  • Help seedlings make a healthy transition into larger containers
  • Specially formulated mix provides ideal conditions for young plants
  • A blend of peat and coconut coir helps plants stay hydrated
  • SuperRoot Booster creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive
  • Garden-tested and guaranteed!
  • 30 quarts

When it’s time to pot up seedlings into larger containers, this planting mix helps them make smooth, stress-free transitions. A blend of peat and moisture-retaining coir reduces drought stress and helps plants stay hydrated. Ideal for use in all types of containers, from hanging baskets to large pots.

Our SuperRoot Booster with MycoActive® Technology creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive. The secret? Mycorrhizae, amazing microbes that form a partnership with roots to support vigorous and resilient plant growth.

SuperRoot Booster:
  • Promotes strong roots
  • Boosts nutrient and water uptake
  • Enhances plants' resilience to stress
  • Improves drought tolerance

Product Details

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir, vermiculite, limestone, wetting agent, mycorrhizae (Rhizophagus irregularis)
  • 30 quarts
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive