Tomato Weather Defenders™, Set of 4

Tomato Weather Defenders™, Set of 4


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Exclusive | Fabric Plant Protector for Tomato Cages and Towers

  • Give tomatoes a head start in spring!
  • Protect young plants from damaging winds and harsh weather
  • Speed growth for an earlier harvest
  • Designed for use with our Tomato Cages and Tomato Towers, sold separately

Tomatoes are sensitive to chilly weather, which can damage plants and stunt their growth. Use these lightweight fabric sleeves to provide early-season protection from cold, wind and harsh sun. Simply slide the fabric sleeves over your Tomato Cages, or the bottom tier of your Tomato Towers, and then tie them in place with the fabric tabs. Once the temperatures warm up, remove the sleeves. Important: The Weather Defenders™ do not protect against frost. Be sure to add additional protection when a frost is predicted.

Product Details

  • Non-woven polypropylene
  • 14-1/2" square x 21-3/4" H
  • Ties: 5" L
  • Fabric is imported
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Wind buster


Anything that can stand up to the 49 mph wind is helpful



Say goodbye to wind damage


During the summer we can have a few bad thunderstorms. Lots of wind etc. I bought these last year to protect my smaller tomato plants from wind damage and they work great! They are just the correct size and the ties secure them to the cages. I also use them for frost protection but one thing I don't do is leave them out all season. When I don't need them, they are stored in the garden shed.


North Carolina


Not impressed


Only lasted one season. When I took them out for the second season the literally feel apart. Cheap material, not worth your time.

Gary C.

Las Cruces NM


Weather Defenders


Help protect plants from wind and cold


Albuquerque NM


Great idea but . . .


Loved the idea of this product but it turned out to be really flimsy. The ties tore off almost immediately and the rest of the material slowly disintegrated as the spring wore on. I used clips to hold it onto my cages and until it fell apart it did provide protection and that is why I gave it any stars at all. It is rare that Gardeners has a product that I do not really love but this is one. Would like to see it revised to be a bit more substantial.


Lake Powell, UT


Terrible disappointment


I had high hopes for these Tomato Plant Defenders but they turned out badly. I agree with the others who had the same experience that I did when they totally disintegrated after using them I had stored them in my greenhouse after the cool, Spring season and when I picked them up to move them they crumbled into hundreds of pieces and were impossible to gather up. Terrible fabric but GREAT idea and the reviewer who suggested using them as a pattern had the right idea. Gardeners Supply provided me with a Gift Card but that wasn't the point..not up to Gardeners usual high standards and they shouldn't offer them.


Fox Island, WA 98333


Worse product ever.


These were the best thing AT FIRST for about 1 month. They have literally disintegrated before your eyes. They make an absolute mess in your garden when they start disintegrating where you can't touch them without them falling apart to almost powder. My garden is littered along with my yard full of bits & pieces of cover. Same thing happened with the pepper covers they are no different just a smaller mess.

Garden mess



Thes are NOT reusable


They worked well enough but when I took them off, they practically disintegrated in my hands. The scraps are all over my yard. I probably wouldn't buy them again.




Pass this one up


The cover itself is a great protector, it keeps the wind out and additional heat in and the plants do well with them. The disappointmenting part is the straps that attach the cover to the cage. One strap broke right away as I was tying it to the cage. When it was time to remove the cover and untie the straps, they literally feel apart. I will now have to use clothes pins for next season to reuse the covers. This could be a great product if they remake the straps with a stronger material. Also, it's was confusing placing the order as it discribes it in away you think the cages come with the order, and they do not.

Poppy 12

Adel, IA


Shoddy fabric


Wow, I am shocked that Gardener's Supply carries this product. The fabric is not much different than a thick paper towel. I used these to protect young tomato plants in my garden for about a month, and when untying to remove from the tomato cages, EVERY single tie tore off. As a seamstress, I will purchase bias tape and restore on my own, but I now have no confidence in the covers themselves as they are made of the same fabric. I may simply use these as templates to make my own...using canvas or something similar. Very disappointed.

Liz the Tomato Queen

Newberg, OR


Tomato Cage and Tower Weather Defenders, Set of 4

3.1 14


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