Tall Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot Kit

Tall Kennebunk Ceramic Orchid Cachepot Kit



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Additional Information

All-in-One Kit for Easy Orchid Growing

  • All the essentials for growing a robust and beautiful orchid
  • Ideal for both beginning and expert orchid growers
  • Includes special potting mix, fertilizer, a lovely artisanal ceramic cachepot and adjustable brass stem support

This hand-picked kit includes our glazed Kennebunk Tall Ceramic Orchid Cachepot, our orchid-specific potting mix and special orchid fertilizer. The potting mix contains fir bark, charcoal and perlite that provides ideal moisture, drainage and aeration. The Tap Water Orchid Fertilizer contains all the nutrients needed for robust growth and prolific blooms. And the brass stem support keeps the beautiful blooms standing tall. Perfect for cattleya, dendrobium and oncidium orchids. No drainage hole; planting directly into this cachepot is not recommended.

Product Details

  • Ceramic pot is 9" in diameter x 6-1/2" H with a 6-1/2" top opening; weighs 4 lbs.
  • 4 lb. bag of orchid potting mix contains fir bark, charcoal, and perlite
  • 1 lb. Tap Water Orchid Fertilizer guaranteed analysis: Nitrate nitrogen 13.6%, ammoniacal nitrogen 5.7%, phosphorus as P2O5 4%, potassium as K2O 23%, calcium 2%, iron 0.16%, manganese 0.08%, zinc 0.08%, copper 0.08%, boron 0.01%, molybdenum 0.01%
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive