*Hi-Rise Super Hoop
Hi-Rise Super Hoop

Super Hoops, Set of 6

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Super Hoops, Set of 6
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Hi-Rise Super Hoops, Set of 6
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Exclusive | Super Hoops Support Every Type of Garden Fabric and Shade Net

  • Use hoops to support garden row covers, protecting plants from frost, insects, birds, or intense sun
  • Create a DIY low tunnel or garden row hoop house
  • Ideal for our 3' x 3' and 3' x 6' raised beds as well as in-ground beds
  • Choice of 2 styles: Super Hoops for new transplants and low-growing crops; High Rise Super Hoops for taller plants
  • Set of 6 hoops

Back by popular demand, these support hoops are customer and staff favorites. Made from two heavy-gauge wires joined by cross braces, they're easier to install than single hoops (no flopping!) and they support fabric, bird net and shade net better, too. They're ideally suited for 3' wide raised beds. They may also be used in 4' wide beds as well as in-ground beds; for these situations we recommend using 10" Extra-Tall Earth Staples to secure the hoops, especially in soft ground and windy areas. Super Hoops are 58" L and provide 14" headroom in a 3' wide bed — plenty of height for new transplants and low-growing crops. Hi-Rise Super Hoops include two sets of Super Hoops with 12 inline connectors. They’re 116" L and provide 43" headroom in a 3' bed, enough height for all but the tallest crops. Be sure to order the wider width row cover material for the Hi-Rise setup.

Product Details
  • Powder-coated flexible steel wire
  • 3.7 mm wire with 2.7 mm wire crosses braces
  • Super Hoops are 58" L x 4" W
  • Hi-Rise Super Hoops are 116" L x 4" W overall
  • Hi-Rise Super Hoops consist of two sets of Super Hoops and 12 in-line connectors
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

I would not buy this product again.


The areas where the cross bars attached are rough and puts holes in my row cover. I had to put duck tape on them. Not what I expected.


Raymore, MO

I would buy this product again!


I bought two packages of six super hoops to cover five small raised beds, 3 x 3 feet each. These hoops are sturdy, and have held up well under two late season snows, lots of wind and rain. Because they are strengthened and look like a ladder, they are more stable in the bed, and have held my clamps very well. Great addition to my garden, now to get the plants in!

Tosa gardener

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Works well enough.


Keeps the bug cloth off my plants


Spread, TX

i would probably buy this product again.


I likes these. Instead of putting into ground I drilled holes into my wood raised bed on each side and attached that way and end of season pulled them out and stored until this year.


Pamplin, Va.

They barely lasted 1 season.


These things were a really great idea but the execution was just not there. The quality I've come to expect from Gardener's Supply was not present in this product. I bought a package of High Rise and Package of regular Super Hoops and they rusted before then end of the first growing season (which in NJ is about 5 months. In addition to the rust, many of the cross supports came apart making it useless without re-welding. Luckily my husband can weld them for me, but I'll have to sand and paint to cover the rust. Very disappointed in the product quality.

NJ Garden Mom

Pittstown NJ

Excellent Product


I used the Super Hoops with garden netting to help protect my vegetables from the squirrels, rabbits and birds. So far, it is working well, or at least, it currently has them confused.

New Gardner in Texas

The Colony, TX


Great Product


This is an easy-to-use product and solved my garden issue.




i have purchased this product several times


I use the peoduct all winter here in South Carolina


charleston, South Carolina


Willl try them out this spring


I have plans on using the super hoops (with a cover) over my tomato crop this year in hopes that their ripening season will be extended. I think they will really help!


Portola, CA

Can't wait to try this product


I am planning on using these hoops this spring to stretch across a couple of galvanized watering troughs in hopes that they will allow me to get an early start on my plantings and extend my tomato season a bit longer.


Portola, CA


Super Hoops, Set of 6

4.4 400


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