Stoneware Toad House

Stoneware Toad House


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Additional Information

Toad House Gives Froggy Friends a Safe Place to Hide

  • Keeps insect-eating toads cool and safe
  • Decorative and practical
  • An easy way of controlling pests naturally

Fighting bugs in the garden? Skip the chemicals and invite more toads to take up residence. Just one of these warty creatures can chow down on more than 100 pesky bugs and slugs a day, but they need a safe place to hide from both predators and sun.

This stoneware house is as whimsical as it is practical: it will keep toads cool in the hottest summer heat and give them a safe haven from birds, lizards, and snakes. The house also has an open base, so toads can burrow into the earth if they need to. Weatherproof and with a lead-free glaze, you can confidently leave the toad house out year-round. Find it a nice shady spot, and step away. The toads will find it!

Product Details

  • Stoneware with food-safe glaze
  • Roof is 12" L x 8" W
  • Base is 7" L x 6-1/2" W x 3-1/2" H