detail of self-watering tray and capillary mat used for grow bags

Self-Watering Tray


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Self-Watering Convenience for Grow Bags

  • Provides consistent moisture for healthy, bountiful plants
  • 1/2-gallon reservoir and capillary mat drought-proof your plants
  • Reduces watering chores; simply fill the reservoir and the plants water themselves!

Place your Grow Bag on this self-watering tray, fill the reservoir and the capillary mat will provide a steady supply of water to plants as they need it. Also reduces how often you need to water. Reservoir holds 1/2 gallon. Fits one Tomato Grow Bag or Pepper Grow Bag.

Product Details

  • Sturdy recycled plastic
  • 22-1/2" L x 15-1/4" W x 2-1/8" D
  • Reservoir holds 1/2 gallon of water
  • Includes capillary mat

Great quality


I love these things for starting seeds. They keep the soil nice and moist so I don't need to mess with spraying the top or setting the seed trays in water every night. Ones the seeds have sprouted though they will keep the soil too wet if you constantly use them. The trays need to dry out a bit. They are also great to put under plants if you are going to be gone for a week.

Flower Mike

Minneapolis, mn


High Quality. Exactly what I wanted, with one improvement


This is just what I expected. My only problem is one I see in a lot of plant starters. It's difficult to fill. The top looks great because tucks well into the sides. But how do you fill it? You have to either carefully pour into the edges or lift up the corner of the raised tray with the mat on it (with all your plants on top) and pour it in. I would recommend opposite diagonal corners with a cutout for pouring water into. Overall, however, It's really well made and the mat fit well and feels sturdy. It's BIG. Bigger than most starter trays..and sturdier.


Grovetown GA


Love this self-watering tray!


I use this self-watering tray to keep plant cuttings (that I'm trying to start) watered at a steady rate. I must say that the tray works great- the reservoir holds quite a bit of water, and the cloth covering wicks the water up underneath the pots, where the plants can get it. When the cloth wears out, I just order a new one. Thank you, Gardeners Supply!


Jensen Beach


Self watering tray made keeping seedling watered much easier


Used with seed starting. Made watering much easier.


Joplin Mo


Large and sturdy--much better than others


I can fit two of these side by side, short-end to short-end on my 4' wide, 18" deep growing rack. If they were just 1/2" or so skinnier, I could fit three of them on the same rack long ends touching, with just a little overhang. They each hold about a gallon of water each, and with a heat mat under them, the water stays slightly warm, which is good, though the mat still feels cool. I grew plants in cowpots on these trays and can fit 12 of the larger cowpots (5" square, 4" deep) on them, and they can easily take the weight of plants unlike the other brands of watering seed trays which would collapse under such weight. If I leave the pots sitting for two long, the tray can get a bit of mildew, but otherwise I love these trays. They are a little pricy, but well worth the money. (And when I am not using them, the bottom tray works perfectly as a work station for my son's Lego kits).


Gig Harbor, WA


exalent seed start system


have 6 of them now. great for seed start in flats


ewp nj


Not strong enough for the job, I'm afrai


I bought four of these to use with my tomato grow bags but the tomato bags seem too heavy for them when filled and watered. They don't seem to hold much water, considering the size of the bag. The filler holes are hard to reach if the bag is large. The grow bags do need some kind of a self-watering device; I'm not sure that this is it. I think they'd be fine for smaller grow bags or seedlings and would recommend them for that. They've not actually broken down so I am continuing


Midcoast Maine


Love these trays!


I am using my grow bags with the watering trays for growing vegetables and fruits on my patio. They have been so great. I did most of the plants as direct sow seeds and they sprouted without me having to worry about it. I check the trays every couple of days to make sure they have water and that's it. I did accidentally squirt the inner liner with a higher pressure hose and it removed some of it, but caught the error and the liner is still working.


Billings, MT


works great


bought two to use with the standard floor growlight i purchased..water holding trays are heavy duty and the matt wicks up water like a sponge..i have dozens of seedlings growing on them..filled the resevoir with water and it lasts for 6 days...

the captain

new jersey


Works great, heavy duty.


Large size, sturdy, wicks well.


Ogdensburg, NY


Self-Watering Tray

4.3 61


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