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Rolling U-Garden with Watering System



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Rolling U-Garden Cedar Planter Box and Watering System — Buy Together and Save!

  • Long-lasting, butcher block cedar with lifetime aluminum corners
  • Generous 2' x 4' planting box
  • Casters make it mobile on patio or deck
  • Self-watering insert helps plants get the water they need to thrive
  • Made by us in Vermont
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Butcher block cedar sides and lifetime aluminum corners make our Rolling U-Garden handsome and durable; heavy-duty casters make it mobile on your deck or patio. Roll it into the sun, or out of the way to make room for guests. The 2' x 4' planter box is 14" deep — plenty deep for your largest vegetable or flower plants. It accommodates three of our Tomato Cages with room to spare! The U-Garden Watering System helps provide plants with a steady supply of moisture, and means you'll need to water your plants less often. In our test gardens we watered 60% less often, compared to a U-Garden without the watering system. The 5-gallon reservoir helps plants get a steady supply of water through contact with the soil, as well as through evaporation. When it’s time to fill the reservoir, attach your garden hose and in just a few minutes the soaker hose fills the reservoir. The reservoir also captures and stores rainwater, while allowing excess water to drain. Install the watering system prior to planting your U-Garden. Includes a liner to keep soil contained while letting excess water drain.

Product Details

  • Assembly required
  • U-Garden:
    • Butcher block cedar, aluminum,point bond polypropylene fabric
    • Planter box is 48" L x 24-1/2" W x 14" deep
    • 18" H overall
    • Four heavy-duty 3" casters
    • Holds 200 quarts of container mix
  • U-Garden Watering System:
    • Plastic, steel, recycled rubber
    • Includes 45" L soaker hose, hose connector with water stop and hose fitting with end cap ​
    • Tray is 45-7/8" L x 15-1/2" W x 2" H
    • Weighs 4-3/4 lbs.
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive
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