Recycled Glass Birdbath

Recycled Glass Birdbath



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Additional Information

Petite Recycled Glass Birdbath Welcomes Birds and Butterflies

  • Self-staking design with the appearance of a magically floating basin
  • Glass bowl transforms plain water into a shimmering reflective pool attractive to birds and butterflies
  • Looks great in containers, garden beds, and elevated planters

Create a haven for your winged garden visitors with this unique birdbath. Hand-blown from recycled glass, no two are alike. Add water to create a shimmering, iridescent pool from which birds and butterflies can sip, or in which they can splash and cool off from the summer sun's heat. Can also be filled with bird seed — outer edge provides a perfect perch for little clawed feet.

Product Details

  • Recycled hand blown glass
  • 8-1/2" in diameter x 23-1/4" H