jar of orchid fertilizer specifically to use with rainwater or purified water

Orchid Pure Water Fertilizer


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Additional Information

Pure Water Orchid Fertilizer Promotes Healthy Plants and Better Blooms

  • Specialty fertilizer for orchids encourages bigger blooms, healthier roots and sturdier foliage
  • Developed at Michigan State University
  • Utilizes optimal nutrient forms for maximum availability to orchids
  • Ideal if you use rainwater, reverse osmosis water, or a similar purified water source
  • 13-3-15 NPK

Very popular among serious orchid growers for all types of orchids, this fertilizer is specially formulated using nitrogen primarily in its nitrate form, which is the form most available to orchids for efficient plant utilization. Developed at Michigan State University, it contains all the nutrients that orchids need to thrive, including micronutrients and trace elements.​ It can also be used on container plants and houseplants. This version is especially good if you are using rainwater, reverse osmosis water, or a similar purified, low-nutrient water source to water your orchids.

Product Details

Guaranteed analysis:

  • ​Nitrate nitrogen 12.5%
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen .5%
  • Phosphorus as P2O5 3%
  • Potassium as K2O 15%
  • Calcium 8%
  • Magnesium 2%
  • Iron .17%
  • Manganese .08%
  • Zinc .04%
  • Copper .04%
  • Boron .01%
  • Molybdenum .01%
  • ​Weighs 1 lb.