Provider Bush Bean Organic Seeds

Provider Bush Bean Organic Seeds


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Provider Bush Bean Seeds: Organic, Non-GMO Vegetable Seeds

  • Early-producing variety produces a big harvest of flavorful green beans
  • Vigorous and disease-resistant
  • A reliable, longtime favorite

This vigorous variety produces 5-6" long beans on productive plants. Unlike pole beans, this bush variety doesn't need a trellis or other support. Look forward to an early harvest; this fast-maturing variety begins producing in about 50 days. Resistant to a variety of diseases and viruses, including bean common mosaic virus (NY15), downy mildew, powdery mildew and pod mottle virus.

Gardener's Supply is offering these seeds through our partnership with High Mowing Organic Seeds, a small Vermont company that produces and develops the best quality, 100% organic seeds. Varieties have been selected for their exceptional performance. When you buy organic seed, you have the assurance that the seed was grown without synthetic chemicals and you are supporting farms and companies that are committed to organic agriculture.

Product Details

  • Organic, non-GMO Provider bush bean seeds
  • Seeds have a 1-year shelf life
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