detailed packaging for 20 quart bag of potting mix soil with mycorrhizae

Potting Mix, 20 Qts.


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Exclusive | Premium Potting Soil with SuperRoot Booster and Moisture-Retaining Coir

  • Grow your best vegetables and flowers in this lightweight potting mix
  • Ideal for all types of containers
  • A blend of peat and coconut coir helps plants stay hydrated
  • SuperRoot Booster creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive
  • Garden-tested and guaranteed!
  • 20 quarts

Give your plants the edge with this versatile potting mix that's ideal for all types of planters, from hanging baskets to large pots. A blend of peat and moisture-retaining coir reduces drought stress and helps plants stay hydrated. Weed-free and pH-balanced.

Our SuperRoot Booster with MycoActive® Technology creates the living soil mix that plants need to thrive. The secret? Mycorrhizae, amazing microbes that form a partnership with roots to support vigorous and resilient plant growth. SuperRoot Booster:

  • Promotes strong roots
  • Boosts nutrient and water uptake
  • Enhances plants' resilience to stress
  • Improves drought tolerance

Product Details

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, coir, vermiculite, limestone, wetting agent, mycorrhizae (Glomus intraradices)
  • 20 quarts
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Use this mix for all my potted plants.


Use this mix for all my potted plants, both indoor and outdoor pots.


Castro Valley, CA

The Best Potting Soil Ever!


I have been needing to repot all my indoor plants for some time now. I did not want to use Miracle Grow any longer... the soil gets too heavy and dries out too quickly. I have repotted many of my plants now in the Gardener's Potting Mix and love it! It comes dry and you need to mix with water prior to repotting... it's light and airy and my plants are loving it. Highly recommend.


New Hampshire

What a difference in my house plants!


I have never purchased potting soil online before, but after losing so many of my house plants this past year I figured I had nothing to lose... I googled "best potting soil" and this mix came up... I bought two bags and the difference in my plants is amazing... so much so that I just purchased two more bags!


Ridge, NY

great stuff


very happy with all their products

tomato lover


Haven't used anything else for the past three years.


Your product is cleaner, has less gnat infestation,lets me decide when to and how much to fertilize. Overall, it's just a better product.


Northern Arizona

Good stuff!


I have purchased this potting mix for many years. My flowers grow beautifully. This year I'am using it in raised beds (mixed with different soils) I love the convenience of having the potting mix delivered to my door in manageable bags.



Good quality Soil for Planters!


Good for use in raised gardens. A rich and nutritious soil for vegetables. Holds moisture while still draining excess.


Apache Junction, AZ

Brought my houseplants back to life!


I decided to take a chance on ordering Gardener's potting mix online for a few houseplants that had outgrown their pots, and it was the best thing I could have done for them. Within two weeks of repotting them in this soil, they're already sprouting lots of new leaves and look so much healthier and happier. Thank you Gardener's!!



Good mixture -- but expensive


Good mixture -- but expensive


Los Angeles

Great product


There are a lot of potting mix sold that is terrible. I am so pleased with this product. It soaks up the water in an even slow rate.I have planted clippings from succulents and they are doing amazingly well. I have to say I was skeptical because I have had terrible results with other products.This company has never stirred me wrong.Great Customer Service!Extremly accurate courteous kind and prompt.This dirt Rules!!!


Middletown Ct


Potting Mix, 20 Qts.

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