Pop-Up Tomato Protector

Pop-Up Tomato Protector


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NEW & Exclusive | Super-Sized Fall Protection Keeps the Tomato Harvest Coming!

  • Protect BIG tomato plants from fall chills and wind
  • Mini-greenhouse extends your harvest of juicy, vine-ripened tomatoes
  • Pop-up protector is over 5' high to cover full-grown plants

Ah, the heartbreak of fall’s first cold spell. You scramble to grab unripe tomatoes before the plants freeze and fruits turn to mush. Then you resign yourself to months of bland supermarket fare. Now, with our ingenious pop-up covers you can protect plants before they’re damaged. You’ll continue harvesting vine-ripened fruit long after that cold spell has killed your neighbors’ unprotected plants.

Fiberglass poles provide extra support for the reinforced polyethylene cover. Tie down loops at the bottom allow you to secure it to the ground; we recommend Earth Staples, sold separately. Zippered top allows water in and excess heat to escape. Collapses for easy storage.

Product Details

  • Reinforced polyethylene, polyester mesh, steel wire, fiberglass poles
  • 24" in diameter x 65" H
  • Fabric is imported
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive

Pop-up tomato protector


I returned the Pop-up tomato protector because the sides are plastic and won't let any water in from my irrigation system.




Just to comment on the 2 reviews


First off i would like to say, that live in Colorado and we have strong cold winds off the Mtns. I stake the cages on the inside to keep them from blowing over and it works beautifully for plants. Secondly in a hard freeze i place straw down around the inside at the bases of the plants and also toss straw over the tops of the plants and have not had any freeze damages at any time. These are just a suggestions for the people whom are or have experienced the issues as in the 2 reviews posted.


Eastern plains of Co.


Great to get a headstart on Spring


I was very excited about the taller size of tomato cage. Love the flaps. Think improvements could be made to design to prevent them from blowing over. I would recommend but caution them about tipping issue.


Oklahoma City


Helpful during recent hard freeze


While they make no claims that these are protective in a hard freeze, that is exactly what I bought them for, and not for tomato plants. I do a lot of container gardening, and it's difficult to try to cover each plant for a freeze. I'm in Texas, where a hard freeze is rare, but we got several of them this year. So I ordered several (a lot, in multiple sizes) of these to hopefully protect my container plants. They arrived in time for the freeze. The results were a mixed bag. Some survived beautifully, even continuing blooming while still covered. Some others lost their leaves and some of their stalks, but hopefully the plant survived. That is yet to be determined. One benefit these provided was the ease of covering a LOT of plants, with less effort, pretty quickly. And even when I felt the more tender plants needed added coverage, these provided a structure for that added cover, to avoid crushing the plants under the weight. Some fragile plants came out well, even under a few inches of snow. And packing these covers away was also easier than folding up tons of sheets, blankets and towels, although I did some of that, too. After the initial freeze, I ordered twice more. I found these very helpful, though maybe not 100% perfect. I do believe they saved a lot of my plants, and now they're packed away, ready to use again year after year.


Houston, Texas



3.5 4