Painted Lady Sweetpea Organic Seeds

Painted Lady Sweetpea Organic Seeds


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Additional Information

Heirloom Organic Painted Lady Sweet Pea Seeds Flower Early

  • Early flowering, bi-colored blooms of pink, purple and burgundy
  • Densely clustered flowers grow on vigorous vines
  • Excellent ornamental quality

A true heirloom variety, charming and resilient Painted Lady Sweetpea has been a cottage garden staple since the early 1700s — and was even planted by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello! Hardy vines produce a profusion of deliciously fragrant, delicate flowers in hues ranging from pastel to rich jewel tones.

Gardener's Supply is offering these seeds through our partnership with High Mowing Organic Seeds, a Vermont company known for developing and producing the best quality, 100% organic seeds. Varieties have been selected for their exceptional performance. When you buy organic seed, you have the assurance that the seed was grown without synthetic chemicals and you are supporting farms and companies that are committed to organic agriculture.

Product Details

  • Organic, non-GMO Painted Lady Sweetpea seeds
  • Seeds have a 1-year shelf life
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