two sizes of organic 5-6-5 slow release granulated tomato fertilizer

Gardener’s Best® Organic Tomato Fertilizer



Organic Tomato Fertilizer, 1 Lb.
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Organic Tomato Fertilizer, 5 Lbs.
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The Fertilizer for Bigger, Sweeter Tomatoes — Organically

  • Provides tomatoes with all necessary nutrients for big, abundant fruit
  • Slow release blend of natural and mineral organic ingredients; won't burn roots
  • Conditions soil for vigorous root growth and better water penetration

Our slow-release granular fertilizer (5-6-5) gives your tomatoes all the nutrients they need, including plenty of phosphorus for big, abundant fruit. For a healthy start, mix a handful into the soil at transplant time and then side dress when tomatoes begin to set fruit. Also ideal for peppers and eggplant. Contains peanut meal.

Product Details
  • Contains vegetable or animal protein meal, peanut meal, natural nitrate of soda, natural sulfate of potash/magnesia
  • Slow release (5-6-5) granular fertilizer
  • Low analysis; no risk of root or foliar burn
  • 1 lb. treats 40 square feet
  • 5 lbs. treats 200 square feet
  • Contains peanut meal
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive