Organic Seed Starting Mix, 6 Qts.


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Exclusive | Organic Seed Starting Mix Gives Seedlings a Big Head Start

  • Bio-active mix is teeming with beneficial soil life
  • Stimulates seed germination and supports healthy seedling growth
  • So rich in nutrients, there's no need to fertilize until it's time to transplant!
  • Garden-tested and guaranteed

This premium seed starting mix is the ideal foundation for your organic garden, yielding results that impressed even our most experienced gardeners: faster growth, heftier root systems, and more robust plants. The secret? Bio-Blended Compost, a carefully balanced mix of expertly composted natural materials that contains high-quality nutrients and abundant beneficial microbes. It's so rich in nutrients that there's no need to fertilize seedlings for six weeks or more! Beneficial microbes, including mycorrhizae, support healthy growth and boost plants' resilience to stress. Weed-free and pH-balanced.

Product Details

  • Bio-Blended Compost (composted manures and plant materials), sphagnum peat moss, perlite, mineral and nutrient amendments
  • 6 quarts
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Defiantly recommend


I thought dirt was dirt until I used this Organic Seed Starting mix which I purchased through a kit from Gardners Supply. The Organic Seed Starting Mix is rich and dark and holds moisture better than big box store brands. The seedlings planted in this product are far larger and thriving much better than those without.


New Britain,Ct

Great germination and strong seedlings


I planted my squash and lettuce seeds in the mix and they are all doing great.

Capt. Blood

Oakland, CA

organic seed starting


Very good product.



Great soil for starting seedlings!


This soil has a nice consistency for starting my seedlings. I like that it is organic as well.


Hay Springs Nebraska

Great Quality Mix


We used this mix yesterday at our school garden club meeting to start some seeds that we are putting under our grow lights. This is a really great quality organic mix. The size is perfect for starting a flat or two of seeds.

Nurse Jenness

Waukegan, IL

What a difference!


I have used other mixes in the past, but this year I used your organic mix and noticed a tremendous difference. I've never had such beautiful, full, healthy looking seedlings in all these years. My plants are so robust and I can't recommend this product too highly! Keep up the great work you're doing.

Lady Ike

Wappingers Falls, NY

I would buy this product again!


This starting soil compacts nicely and holds moisture well. No surface mold ever forms. Easy to shape into plug trays. Seeds sprouted much faster than commercial round plugs from local growe supply!


Troutdale, OR

Fast germination


I purchased this product because of the sites claim for rapid germination. All my seeds came up quicker than what was stated on their packages and are healthy and strong. Some will need to be transplanted earlier than expected. An unexpected plus was the claim on the package of no need to fertilize for up to six weeks.


Trinity County, CA

I would recommend this to anyone


Have my seeds started for spring. Easy to work with.



Great product but too expensive


Have had great success with this starting mix. Excellent germination rate and good growth of seedlings. However the price, esp with shipping is prohibitive to use on regular basis or larger scale.


Coastal NJ

Organic Seed Starting Mix, 6 Qts.

4.6 295