Organic Garlic Collection

Organic Garlic Collection


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Organic Garlic to Plant this Fall, Harvest Next Summer

  • Grow your own gourmet garlic!
  • A delicious and healthful culinary treat
  • Two easy-to-grow, organic varieties

Not only is garlic a delicious culinary staple, it also has many health benefits. This collection of easy-to-grow, organic garlic is perfect for growing in a small garden. It includes at least 1/2 pound of garlic of hardneck and softneck varieties, which will produce enough garlic for an average family of four. Chesnok Red is a hardneck garlic that originated in the Republic of Georgia. Each bulb produces about 10 large, purple-striped cloves that are especially delicious raw or baked. Harvest early in the summer. The softneck garlic variety may be California Early, Lorz Italian or Inchelium Red — grower's choice, but guaranteed to please. These Artichoke-type varieties produce layers of 10 to 20 cloves around the center stem and are great for roasting or mincing raw into olive oil for dip. Softneck garlic has pliable stems that you can braid togther to make a hanging garlic braid. Bulbs are ready to harvest in midsummer and will keep for up to eight months in storage. Plant in full sun.

Product Details

  • Two varieties of organic garlic, one hardneck and one softneck
  • Three heads for a total of at least 1/2 lb.
  • Hardy in zones 3-8 (USDA Zone Maps)
  • Includes detailed instructions on planting, growing and harvesting garlic
Product Instructions
Download instructions for Organic Garlic Collection as a PDF