detailed packaging for 6 quart bag of organic compost for revitalizing container soil mix

Container Booster Mix, 6 Qts.


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Exclusive | Organic Booster Mix Recharges Tired Potting Soil

  • 100% natural and organic way to revitalize soil in containers
  • Provides nutrients and trace elements to keep plants lush and healthy
  • Save money by reusing soil mix in pots and planters

Why throw out the soil in last year's containers? Our organic Booster Mix replaces the nutrients that the plants used up, so this year's plants get a fresh start. One bag is enough to revitalize 96 dry quarts of soil — at big savings for you! This potent, all-organic formula includes a complete diet of nutrients and trace elements to keep plants lush and healthy. Just 4 to 8 tablespoons recharges a quart of soil. Made in Vermont.

Product Details

  • Contains concentrated plant and manure compost, washed granite, Chilean nitrate, black rock phosphate, and seven other natural ingredients
  • 6-quart bag
  • Use 4 to 8 tablespoons of Container Booster to each quart of planting mix
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

I buy at least 1 bag every year


This really does recharge my container soils and allows me to save some from year to year

Digs for Growth

Omaha, NE

Wake up your old pots


This stuff is a good addition to tired Patti g soil you can dig it in around your plants or just dress the top of thesoil and let it soak in. My plants were dressed three weeks ago and the look pretty happy. Leaves have stopped drooping, spring growth has restarted and vines have rooted.

Abq gardener

Corrales, NM

Wine barrels!


This product does an excellent job of replentishing the need components of the soil in my half wine barrels. Going on year 4 with the same soil. I just add this Container booster Mix.


Castro Valley, CA

Container Booster Mix


Improves my soil from previous season(s) along with my home grown compost


West Chester, PA

Best way to extend the life of potting soil


I have two raised garden boxes from Gardeners that hold quite a bit of soil. This product will revitalise last year's soil when used as directed. Saves money by extending the life of last year's container soil.

Love to garden

Meridian, Idaho

Container Booster Mix-Used It Last Year-Worked Great


Used this product last year with excellent results.Didn't need to buy new potting soil for the 120 pots and hanging baskets I use each year.Lots of vibrant flowers,So I bought 10 bags again this year and expect the same results.


West Hartford,CT.

to soon to really tell


mixed into my raised vegetable beds. Appears to be very well aged compost rich with hummus but too early to tell for sure. Wish it wasn't packaged in plastic though -- I'd like to compost the bags.



Easy to use and a great booster for my tomato garden


Your product is so easy to use and both my granddaughter's love preparing my yearly tomato garden with this booster. It comes in smaller bags that allows them to be able to spread it evenly in my raised beds. Such an easy process that makes my tomatoes blossom each season!


Sacramento, California

Used this last year in all my containers.


I used it in all my containers instead of using new potting soil I used booster. Plants did very well.



really makes a difference!


I don't usually purchase potting mixes and additives online, but after losing so many plants this past year I figured I would have nothing to lose. In just two weeks I've really noticed a difference! I will purchase this item again.


Ridge, NY

Container Booster Mix

4.8 452