Orchid Stem Support

Orchid Stem Support



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Additional Information

Adjustable Stake Keeps Orchid Blooms Beautifully Upright

  • Elegantly support and display robustly blooming orchids
  • Crafted of strong, lustrous brass that complements any decor

Orchids are elegant and graceful, but the top-heavy blossoms are often prone to toppling over. This sectional brass stake solves the problem. Use only as many of its four sections as you need, then top with the graceful loop. Gently insert the stake in the soil, being careful to avoid any roots, then slip the orchid stem into the loop. Using all four sections gives you a 22-3/4" H stake — amply tall enough for the most statuesque orchids.

Product Details

  • Brass
  • Up to 22-3/4" H
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive