Nesting Pocket for Small Birds

Nesting Pocket for Small Birds


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Additional Information

Rustic Nesting Pocket Provides Cozy Shelter for Backyard Birds

  • A cozy retreat for small songbirds during harsh winter weather
  • Allows birds to rest and conserve energy
  • Come spring, it's a ready-made nest!

Help birds withstand rain, sleet, snow, wind and cold by providing them with this inviting shelter that looks right at home in the garden. The rustic brushwood exterior is supported by a sturdy inner frame. Use the attached wires to attach it to a place that offers a bit of cover, such as ivy, hedges, a bush or small tree.

Product Details

  • Brushwood, rattan
  • 6" in diameter x 10" H overall
  • Opening: 1-1/4" in diameter
  • Hanging cord: 3-1/2" L

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