photo of small green bag containing mycorrhizae fungi for growing healthy vegetables and herbs

MYKE Vegetable and Herb Mycorrhizae, Small


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MYKE® Mycorrhizae for Vegetables and Herbs

  • Enhances growth and supports strong root development
  • Reduces transplant shock for easier transitions
  • Acts as insurance during environmental stresses, including drought
  • Apply at planting time
  • 1.8 oz. packet treats up to 6 plants

MYKE® contains mycorrhizae -- naturally occurring, beneficial fungi that form a mutually beneficial relationship with plants. When mycorrhizae colonize a plant’s root system, they increase the plant’s capacity to absorb water and nutrients. Although mycorrhizal fungi occur naturally in the soil, their presence may be diminished due to soil disturbance, pesticide use and fertilizer applications. Applying MYKE at planting time replenishes these important growth enhancers. It’s easy to apply and safe to use around children and pets. Organic and OMRI-listed (certified by the Organic Material Review Institute).

Product Details

  • Mycorrhizae, perlite, peat
  • 1.8 oz. packet treats up to 6 plants


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