Mixed Seed Globe Cage Feeder

Mixed Seed Globe Cage Feeder


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Exclusive | Mixed Seed Bird Feeder Lets Small Birds Dine in Safety

  • Sturdy and squirrel-resistant tube feeder creates a safe place for small birds to feed
  • Holds 3 cups of any type of seed, even small seed like millet and thistle
  • Has four built-in feeding ports

The openings on the cage surrounding this polycarbonate tube feeder are just the right size for finches, nuthatches and other small birds, but keep out jays and other feeder bullies. The latching top stays firmly in place to help keep gray squirrels out of your birdseed, and drainage holes at the bottom keep seed dry and fresh.

Product Details

  • Powder-coated steel, polycarbonate, plastic
  • 11-3/4" diameter
  • Openings are approx. 1-1/2" W x 2" H
  • Holds 3 cups of seed
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Attracts many bird varieties


I have it hung on a garden sheppards hook next to suet cages. The chickadees and finches have no trouble getting in at the birdseed. Many other bird varieties hang around just to eat the crumbs along with the squirrels on the ground underneath. Even fat robins and doves! Cardinals add color, especially against the snow. Woodpeckers eat the suet right next to the protected seed in the feeder. We all enjoy the show, including our beagle who watches like a cat with a fish tank! She knows that the birds are good and we don't want the squirrels to get at the seed. She just watches the show going on just outside the windows sometimes only inches away!


Houghton Lake, Michigan

Finches love it!


I love this purchase but more importantly the finches love it even more. Our neighborhood black birds were being bullies and our little finches didn't have a chance. Now they have their own feeder!



Globe Feeder


I bought this to help with the invasion of starlings and grackles and for the most part it has worked. They still manage to stick their heads through the squares of the cage and get the odd morsel of nut or seed but they are not able to drain it in a day. The little ones, chickadees, nuthatches, tufted titmice, downy woodpeckers etc., manage to feed without being bullied. Yea!!


New Jersey

squirrels still get food


Manufacturer needs to make the bottom of cage bigger so it's more up the sides. Squirrels are hanging on the cage upside down and tilting the cage so that the food slides to the side where they can reach the food.


Philadelphia Pa

Squirrel proof!!


First feeder we've had in a while that the squirrels haven't figured out how to open, or have chewed apart!


St. Louis, Missouri

I love this bird feeder!


I have birds everyday at this feeder. It's been fun seeing the different kinds of birds hanging out together inside the cage. I have squirrels all over and I haven't had any trouble with them on the feeder or near the feeder. I'm planning on buying a few more for gifts.


St. Paul, Mn



Over the years I have had a problem with Magpies at the bird feeder, this feeder has solved that problem. The finches love it and the magpies now go elsewhere to eat. It is easy to fill and is undisturbed by our wind. It is a great feeder and well worth the price.


Belt, MT

Nice Globe Visual Design


This feeder makes it very comfortable for smaller squirrels to sit inside, relax and eat. The bars come close together at the top so I couldn't fit a binder clip that would prevent the squirrels from opening it from the top.


Durham, Mane

Great Item


Finally I can feed the birds without the squirrels taking all the seeds first. Love it and it is so attractive.


Grand Rapids, Michigan

Squirrels get in!!


The first months I had this feeder, it was great. The little birds lived it. Then the squirrels got in it and now open it within minutesI95 of filling. Tried wrapping it with wire but squirrels got through.


Phila., pa.


Mixed Seed Globe Cage Feeder

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