Lechuza® Classico LS Self-Watering Round Planters

Lechuza® Classico LS Self-Watering Round Planters


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Classico LS Self-Watering Round Planters

The stylish Classico LS Self-Watering planter comes with an optional sub-irrigation system. Whether your plant needs a little or a lot of water, this self-watering planter will provide just the right amount. Fill the water reservoir, then sit back and enjoy your creation while your planter does all the work of maintaining your plant for up to twelve weeks.

This all-in-one planter includes a specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza PON, that's made from nutrient-enriched pumice, zeolites and lava. The clean, attractive material wicks water up from the built-in reservoir, aerates the roots and provides your plant with nutrition. A layer of Lechuza PON spread over the reservoir wicks water to the potting mix around your plant’s roots.

Lechuza planters are manufactured using a commercial-grade polypropylene. Its natural weather resistant properties make it ideal for indoor use in bright entryways and lobbies. An optional plant coaster is available for the larger Classico containers. Use this convenient accessory to ease the movement of large plant and flower displays. An attractive addition to patios, entryways, and more; the Classico's beautiful design and versatility make it a top choice for interior landscaping designs.

Product Details

  • Polypropylene
  • Classico LS 21 cm - 8.7" x 8"H | Soil Capacity 2 1/2 dry qt | Water reservoir 1/3 Gal
  • Classico LS 28 cm - 11" x 10.3"H | Soil Capacity 5 1/2 dry qt | Water reservoir 1/2 Gal
  • Classico LS 35 cm - 14" x 13"H | Soil Capacity 10 dry qt | Water reservoir 1 Gal
  • Classico LS 43 cm - 17' x 15.6"H | Soil Capacity 21 1/2 dry qt | Water reservoir 1 1/2 Gal
  • Classico LS 50 cm - 19.5" x 18.3"H | Soil Capacity 31 dry qt | Water reservoir 2 1/2 Gal
  • Made in Germany
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