Intervale Short-Handled Ground Breaking Tool

Intervale Short-Handled Ground Breaking Tool



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Additional Information

Innovative Hand Tiller Prepares Hard Soil for Planting

  • Break up compacted soil with a quick twist
  • Quickly prepare small areas for planting
  • Loosen soil around plants prior to dividing or removal
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Part claw, part cultivator, this unique tool will make easy work of loosening compacted soil prior to planting, dividing, or removing existing plants. Simply drive the head of the tool into the ground, twist the handle, and pull it back out. Works well for removing stubborn plants and weeds too. Part of our exclusive Intervale Collection: hard-working tools with the classic design and aged finish of cherished heirlooms.

Product Details

  • Blackened stainless steel, ash wood
  • 10" L
  • Head is 4" square
  • Weighs 1 lb.
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive