Intervale Garden Row Marking Line

Intervale Garden Row Marking Line



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Additional Information

Time-Tested System Ensures Straight Planting Rows

  • Keep order in the garden with straight-running planting rows
  • Handsome wooden pegs keep line tidy and adjust to fit lengths up to 59'
  • Marking string deters birds from eating your carefully planted seeds

Create rhythm and order in your garden by marking out straight planting rows with this simple, effective system. Stake the first peg at one end, then unroll the second to fit the desired length of your planting row. Lets humans know where not to step, and helps deter birds from pecking out your painstakingly placed seeds. Easy to take down once plants start growing. Part of our exclusive Intervale line of garden tools with the timeless design and antiqued finish of cherished heirlooms.

Product Details

  • Ash wood, jute
  • Pegs: 1-3/4" in diameter tapering to 3/8" in diameter x 9" H
  • String: 18 meters or 59 feet
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive