35” Happy Harvest Plant Supports, Set of 3

35” Happy Harvest Plant Supports, Set of 3



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Additional Information

Adjustable 35" Plant Supports for Peppers and Eggplants

  • Durable cages provide sturdy support for a bigger, better harvest
  • Adjustable crosspieces provide season-long support
  • Steel-core stakes have a tough plastic coating
  • 35" high overall; ideal for eggplants, peppers and compact tomatoes
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These colorful green plant supports have three rugged, plastic-coated steel uprights with six adjustable, snap-in-place plastic crosspieces that create a strong framework of support for your plants. You can rearrange the crosspieces as plants grow, and unsnap and reinstall them to gather up wayward stems. Keeping plants upright saves space; encourages a bigger harvest of clean, blemish-free fruit; makes harvesting easier; and promotes better air circulation to minimize disease problems.

Product Details

  • Polyethylene-coated steel, polyethylene
  • 11" W x 35" H overall
  • Gardener’s Supply Exclusive
Product Instructions
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