donut shaped grow bag around base of tree in a lawn being planted with flowers

Halo Grow Bag


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Additional Information

Create a Circular Flower Bed in Minutes with this Donut-Shaped Grow Bag

  • Quick setup — no digging needed!
  • Create precise, circular plantings in minutes
  • Grow bag retains moisture, resists weeds

Create a halo of flowers or foliage around deck footings, lampposts, mailbox posts, even trees! Simply unzip this grow bag, pour in your potting mix, close it up and place around your chosen object. Then, make cross-cuts on the surface, insert your plants, water everything and you're done! As plants mature, you'll have a contained, lush ring of beauty. Made of breathable landscape fabric, the Halo retains moisture to keep your plants better hydrated between (fewer) waterings. Double-ply base and sides for durability.

Product Details

  • Landscape fabric
  • 32" in diameter x 6" H
  • Inner opening is 10" in diameter
  • Holds 108 quarts of potting mix