Grow Through Supports, Set of 3

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12” Grow Through Supports, Set of 3
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18” Grow Through Supports, Set of 3
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24” Grow Through Supports, Set of 3
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Exclusive | Grow-Through Flower Supports Keep Flowers Standing Tall

  • Support top-heavy flowers before they flop
  • Dark green color blends with foliage
  • Choice of 3 sizes
  • Set of 3

Even the biggest, heaviest blooms like peonies can hold their heads high with the help of these flower supports. Set them out in spring and stems will grow right up through the supports, keeping plants standing straight and tall and preventing unsightly flopping. The concentric rings forming the top of the support hold stems in more natural form than grid-shaped supports. Set of three supports; each support consists of one top and three legs. The 12" support is ideal for short to medium-height flowers, including compact varieties of coreopsis, zinnia, campanula and veronica. The 18" support is perfect for shrubby flowers like taller zinnias, salvia, young peonies, Shasta daisies and poppies. The 24" support holds larger plants, like mature peonies, campanula and rudbeckia.

Product Details
  • Vinyl-dipped steel wire
  • 12" support is 12" in diameter x 18" H overall, 12" to 14" H installed
  • 18" support is 18" in diameter x 24" H overall, 18" to 20" H installed
  • 24" support is 24" in diameter x 30" H overall, 24" H installed
  • Easy assembly
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

I would buy these again


The grow supports work great for taller blooming flowers. Keep them from falling over and flowers stay so pretty.


Schulenburg, TX

24" Grow Through Supports - Well made


Bought these for tall perennials in my garden, specifically golden rod. While plants were sturdy and remained upright most of the summer last year, a few rough rain storms flattened them in September, so I bought these hoops. They are sturdy thick wire, green coated, and the diameter of the hoops I bought was 24" (link to review brought me to 12" hoops and I couldn't change it.) These should help prevent the flop-overs. @gardenerssupply - please make a 36" diameter hoop, with 36" long stakes. Everything grows so big in the South, usually 30% taller and wider than the nurseries put on their plant labels, and we need bigger plant supports.


Boiling Springs, SC

Good product


Great for my large peonies.



I will not buy this product again


I used this product to support fully mature peony plants and this product is made of material that is entirely to light to support them. I am very disappointed in them because when the peonies bloom I believe the cage will collapse.

Gail the gardener

West Plains, Missouri

Hopefully, good.


Bigger than I thought it was going to be. Hopefully, they will work. We'll see.




Bought more


I tried these grow through supports last year to replace the pieces of old wire tomato cages I had been using. They looked great and worked well. Big improvement. Bought more this year to replace what I have left in ugly old wires. Only downside is that they are clumsy to fold up and store for winter. I may tighten the legs to stay on the ring for collapsing together.


Wadena, MN


Problem Solved!


My sage would get so tall, I had an assortment of stakes to keep them vertical. It was a big mess! The grow through supports not only keep my sage tidy, but are hidden by the plant growth. Perfect!


Savannah GA


looking forward to my peonies having support this year!


everything I've purchased from Gardener's Supply has been high quality. No complaints!


Chapel Hill, NC


Works great!


I used these to keep my sedums upright. The support is easy to install and is strong enough to support heavy stems that want to flop.




These sturdy supports hold up my droopy plants


These are easy to assemble and install in my potted plants. Double benefit is the urban squirrel mafia have stopped terrorizing the now supported plants as it appears they are no longer interesting targets.


Los Angeles, CA


12" Grow Through Supports, Set of 3

4.6 170


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