Ground Heated Birdbath

Ground Heated Birdbath


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Additional Information

Ground Heated Birdbath Provides Fresh Water to Keep Birds Healthy Year-Round

  • Provide ground-feeding birds with much-needed fresh water in all types of weather
  • Built-in thermostat conserves electricity; costs just pennies a day to operate
  • Insulated plastic bowl holds 2 quarts

Ground-feeding birds need access to water in winter as much as in summer. In addition to drinking, birds use water for their frequent grooming, otherwise, their feathers can’t insulate against winter’s cold. This plug-in steel birdbath has an efficient, 75-watt heater with a thermostatic control that heats only when necessary and keeps water from freezing at temperatures as low as -10°F. Four feet provide stability.

Product Details

  • Powder-coated steel, plastic
  • 13-1/2" diameter x 3-3/4" H
  • 75-watt heater
  • Holds 2 quarts
  • Cord tucks away for birdbath use in summer months