Go Away Scent-inal Deer Repellent

Go Away Scent-inal Deer Repellent


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Additional Information

Repellent Makes Deer Take Flight for a Whole Year!

  • Innovative and effective pest control for deer
  • Four seasons of plant protection
  • Works in multiple ways to repel deer
  • No mixing or spraying
  • Includes 6 dispensers plus activator

Multiple natural ingredients work in different ways: as an irritant to the mouth, nose or gut, or triggering the deer's natural instinct to escape/avoid. Also disguises the plants natural smell which attracts deer in the first place. The innovative delivery system includes six diffusers and 12 ounces of Scent-inal Activator. Simply fill the diffusers and a cotton wick disperses the odor, deterring deer for 3 months. Then refill. The all-natural activator includes cinnamon and garlic oils. You get enough to keep deer away for a full year! Includes six diffusers and six twist ties to attach them to shrubs, etc. Activator has an applicator top to make it easy to refill the diffuser without spilling.

Product Details

  • Plastic, metal, liquid activator
  • Active ingredients: cinnamon oil, garlic oil, clove oil, garlic oil, vinegar, sulfur