Garlic Clips, Set of 25

Garlic Clips, Set of 25


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Concentrated Garlic Repels Deer & Rabbits for up to Six Months

  • Powerful garlic aroma safely and humanely repels hungry deer and rabbits
  • Handy clips attach easily to trees and shrubs
  • Long-lasting; designed so garlic odor gets out but rain can't get in
  • Set of 25 clips

Deer and rabbits have a sense of smell a hundred times greater than ours, so just imagine how they react to these powerful garlic repellent clips! They're made with a concentrated garlic oil that is 1,000 times stronger than garlic juice, yet is organic and completely safe.

Product Details

  • 3-1/4 L x 1/2" in diameter
  • Set of 25
  • Use one clip every 1 to 2 feet, depending on the severity of the deer problem

Have used them for years and keep the deer from our hostas


Can put them in the ground next to the plants that still work well Only time consuming thing is to have to puncture each stick before you use



Sadly The Deer in Our Area Are Not Deterred By Anything


We have a lot of deer living in a wooded community. The deer have become familiar with all things human and dog. They fear nothing. Not cars, not dogs barking, and definitely not a little smelly tube attached to a plant -- they eat within an inch of the clipped on deterrent.

Deer Friend


Stinky but I love them!


These little Stinky clips sure do work! Rabbits won't even get close to them. I don't know about the deer because they take a different route in the summer, leaving my plants alone.


Kiowa, Colorado


I hope this helps solve our deer problem.


I am constantly seeking ways to keep deer from eating my gardens. I have high hopes for this product.

Hopeful One

Seneca, SC


Garlic Clip


The garlic does help in the immediate area

Montana bird watcher

Billings, MT


Best product for deterring rabbits


I've been using this product for years with great results! Far better than those sprays that require constant reapplication. Just apply twice a year and your covered!

Pamela's place

Minneapolis, MN


good rodent deterrent for garden


this was a re-order, as these have been effective to keep "Bambi" from eating plants in my veggie garden.


olean, ny


I buy these garlic clips every year


I have many deer visit my gardens and the garlic clips keep them from eating my shrubs and plants. They last six months and are easy to use.

Linda the planter

Fallston, MD


I have bought this product again and again


I use this on separate plants in the landscape and around vulnerable areas in my vegetable garden. The deer leave my sumacs (used to be their favorite) and the bunnies stay away from almost anything where the clips are. My one issue is how to tell when to change a clip. I use them all year round in Colorado. I have recommended them to friends, and asked my nursery to stock them, but they have not been able to.


Colorado Springs, CO


Garlic clips


I placed them as directed but it did not help with rabbits. Very unhappy


East Amherst NY

Garlic Clips, Set of 25

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