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GardenQuilt Cover 6’ x 20’
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Exclusive | GardenQuilt Floating Row Cover

  • Extends the growing season in both spring and fall
  • Extra-heavy fabric protects plants down to 24 degrees F.
  • Excellent windbreak for new transplants

This row cover provides frost and cold protection down to 24 degrees F. The thick, 1.25 oz. fabric is ideal for season extending in the early spring and late fall, or for overwintering salad greens, strawberries and perennials. 60% light transmission; lasts for several years.

Product Details
  • 60 percent light transmission
  • Cold protection down to 24 degrees F
  • Available in three sizes

Saved my peach tree!


Our temp dropped to 23 degrees and the quilt protected it on 2 occasions


Springfield, MO

have a super early garden and amazing early peas


I cover my veggie seed plantings in late winter to get a big jump on spring. Here in Fayetteville NC, we have big fluctuations in temperatures in the spring. I planted in mid Feb. things like peas, carrots, beets, onions, radishes, spinach, and put of seedlings of broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, and cabbage. Normally we'll get some really warm, mild weather, following by crushing freezes. With the garden quilt, all my veggies came through temps down in the low 20s with no damage. Now it's only April 17 and I have peas blooming and almost a foot tall while others are just planting. This is a big deal because once it does get warm, it gets to hot quickly, so the cool season vegetables don't usually do well here. I also successfully seeded dill and parsley, which normally won't come up in cool soil, but it's plenty warm under the garden quilt. I also used it last fall to still have a late season of peas in Nov/Dec. and late season Chinese cabbage and Asian huge radishes. I highly recommend it. The only caveat is that rain doesn't really soak through well, so if you have it on, you will need to remove it every 5 days or so to give what's under it a good watering. I often use the earth staples along one side, as they are very secure, but then a long metal stake laid sideways along the other side as it's very easy and quick to remove.

Garden crazy Girl

Piedmont of NC

Works great over my lettuce, spinach, cabbage and broccoli!


The winters in southern New Mexico are generally mild, but it does get below freezing occasionally. With the super hoops and clothes pins, everything is protected.


Alamogordo, NM


warm and cozy


I am very happy with the row cover. I cut down the large piece to cover all of my gardens. Last year I had some old stuff and the squirrels played havoc with it, so i ordered some new. It is thicker than the other cloth, and my vegetables are cozy and warm. It still stores easy because it folds up to a nice size.




Protects border flowers and camellias all winter


Use lengths of this to protect perennials from heavy frost and occasional temps down to 28degrees and to also cover camellias during the winter. The camellias will still bloom because of the light transmission. And even geraniums will continue to bloom with minimal damage if covered well with this fabric.

CA gardener

Morgan Hill, CA


Succulent Saver


I have over 100 Succulents , some of which are not frost hardy. Living in the Sierra Foothills this can be dangerous for their survival or frost damage. This fabric has provided 100% protection for my beautiful plants.

Succulent Queen

El Dorado Hills, CA


Love it!


This product was very customizable! It fit where ever I put it


Chauvin, La


i bought a second cover


quality product


elephant butte nm


I have used this quilt for many years in the winter.


I use the quilt in the winter so that the deer will not eat my plants or shrubs near the house. And believe me, they even come up on my porch to eat plants. I would have nothing left if I did not cover them.


western pa..


I covered my plants It works great


It seems to be just the thing I need for my plants




GardenQuilt Cover 6' x 20'

4.5 290