Honeycomb Tomato Weather polypropylene fabric defender with seedling outside

Gardener’s Revolution® Honeycomb Tomato Weather Defender™



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Additional Information

Protect Your Plants and Speed Growth with our Gardener's Revolution® Honeycomb Tomato Weather Defender™

  • Zippered fabric sleeve protects young plants from cold, wind and harsh sun
  • Speeds growth by up to 25%
  • Designed for use with the Gardener's Revolution Honeycomb Tomato Planter
  • Can also be used to protect plants in fall

Zip-on sleeve provides early-season protection from cold, wind and harsh sun for young tomato plants. The sleeve is held in place by the planter's support ring, and the zipper on the back makes it easy to slide on and off. Remove it when weather warms or the plant outgrows it.

Our garden testers saw up to 25% more growth in plants protected by the Weather Defender. Plants were taller, bushier, healthier and had more flowers than plants without the Weather Defender cover. The cover can be used again in fall if you replant your planter with a fall crop, to protect it from harsh sun and to provide shade to help keep soil moist. Note: The Weather Defender provides protection from cold temperatures, winds and harsh sun — not frost. Move the planter to a protected location if frost threatens.

Product Details

  • Polypropylene fabric
  • 15-1/4" L x 10-1/4" W x 22" H overall
  • Will not protect from frosts
  • Imported fabric
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive