Simple view of red shock absorber handled cut and hold pruners with blades closed

Felco® Pruner #100 Cut and Hold


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Additional Information

Felco® 100: Cut-and-Hold Pruners for Flowers and Roses

  • Pruning shears grip stems for easy retrieval
  • Blades are precision-ground, hardened steel
  • Rubber-coated aluminum handles are comfortable, lightweight and sturdy
  • Cushioned shock absorber prevents hand and wrist fatigue
  • Made by Felco, the world's leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears

These anvil-style pruners grip and hold plant material after it's been cut, preventing it from falling to the ground. They make harvesting flowers a breeze: you can hold a vase or basket in one hand, and prune and grab stems with the other. They're ideal for flower gardeners and rose pruners, and anyone who doesn't want to bend to retrieve stems and trimmings. There are two opening positions for small or big cuts. The forged aluminum handles have a non-slip coating and a shock absorber to reduce hand strain. These pruners are loaded with smart features, including a sap groove, wire-cutting notch and non-corroding spring mechanism. A simple adjustment system allows precise blade alignment. Cuts branches up to .4" in diameter. All wear parts are replaceable.

Product Details

  • Hardened steel, aluminum alloy, rubber
  • 8-1/4" L
  • Weighs 9 oz.
  • For medium to large hands
  • Cuts branches up to .4" in diameter
  • Made in Switzerland