• VegTrug™ Tapered Square Planter Natural
    • VegTrug™ Tapered Square Planter Burnt Oak
    • VegTrug™ Tapered Square Planter Grey Wash
    • 3 colors available
    $49.95 - $99.95
    • VegTrug™ Trough Planters Natural
    • VegTrug™ Trough Planters Grey Wash
    • VegTrug™ Trough Planters Burnt Oak
    • 3 colors available
    $69.95 - $129.95
    • VegTrug™ Barrel Planter Natural
    • VegTrug™ Barrel Planter Burnt Oak
    • VegTrug™ Barrel Planter Grey Wash
    • 3 colors available
    $39.95 - $69.95
    • VegTrug™ Side Table Charcoal
    • VegTrug™ Side Table Natural
    • VegTrug™ Side Table Whitewash
    • 3 colors available
    • Cold Frame For VegTrug™ Charcoal
    • Cold Frame For VegTrug™ Natural
    • Cold Frame For VegTrug™ Whitewash
    • 3 colors available
    • VegTrug™ Herb Planter Box Charcoal
    • VegTrug™ Herb Planter Box Natural
    • VegTrug™ Herb Planter Box Walnut
    • 3 colors available
    • VegTrug™ Patio Garden Natural
    • VegTrug™ Patio Garden Whitewash
    • VegTrug™ Patio Garden Charcoal
    • VegTrug™ Patio Garden Walnut
    • 4 colors available
It’s so much easier on your back and knees to garden in the elevated VegTrug. You will find fewer weed and pest problems, too. The VegTrug’s “V” shape makes efficient use of space and planting mix – grow deep-rooted plants like tomatoes in the center, shallow-rooted crops along the edges. Made from solid wood (plantation-grown fir), the VegTrug features sturdy joints and a food-safe finish. A liner keeps soil contained while letting excess water drain. Choose from several sizes and accessories.


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