Edwardian Bird Feeder


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Exclusive | Elegant Feeder Lets Small Birds Dine in Peace

  • Beautifully detailed feeder welcomes a variety of songbirds
  • Outer cage discourages most squirrels and large birds
  • Fill with any type of bird seed
Watch: Edwardian Bird Feeder

Reminiscent of an antique birdcage, this elegant feeder is filled with smart features that make it as practical as it is beautiful. The outer cage discourages most squirrels and larger birds, letting small songbirds dine in peace. The latching lid resists clever squirrels, yet opens with a turn for easy filling. Six feeding ports let multiple birds dine at once. The see-through polycarbonate hopper lets you know when it's time to refill and accommodates any type of seed. Holes in the bottom tray allow water to drain. Ready to hang from the built-in handle.

Product Details

  • Powder-coated steel, aluminum alloy, polycarbonate
  • 9-1/2" in diameter x 14" H (not including hanger)
  • Weighs 2 lbs.
  • Holds 3-1/2 cups of seed
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Birds love it, squirrels are baffled, and it looks great!


My birds took to it like they were familiar with it. Even robins came by but of course, they are too fat to get at the good stuff. They have to be content with eating with the squirrels on the ground, underneath! Doves come by and have to do the same. Colorful cardinals hang around too! The chickadees are having a ball, and the woodpeckers eat my suet. What a show! My beagle watches like a cat with a fish tank! Everyone enjoys!!! I did have to chase off a raccoon last night, though. My beagle enjoyed watching me throw snowballs at it when it ran up a tree.


Houghton Lake, Michigan

Looks great


Whilst this looks great I couldn't give it more stars. I bought this together with the Globe Cage, see my review, in an effort to ward off the hordes of starlings and grackles that have discovered my address. The cage is too close to the feeder tube to be really effective for this. "They" are easily able to access the food and I find I have to refill every other day. It really does a wonderful job if you can keep the big birds away tho!


New Jersey



This squirrel feeder allows larger squirrels to fit inside and eat comfortably. However, the bars at the top are separated enough that I could use small binder clips to prevent the squirrels from turning the top and opening the tube feeder.


Durham, Maine

Great Feeder


Beautiful feeder- looks and works great. We have struggled keeping grackles away and have been limited to safflower seed until now. This feeder has allowed us to add sunflower seed and no issue with grackles.

Sara B

Franklin, TN


Attractive feeder


I've had this for over a year now and have had no problems with seed flow or with squirrels. I have noticed though that larger birds do find a way to get their beaks through the wire of the cage to get at the food. This past weekend the feeder was swamped with large black grackles -- though I guess that could have been the seed I'm using as well. Bluebirds also find a way to get food from this.

Librarian Beth

Providence, RI

Beautiful, birds love it, SO DO SQUIRRELS


Agree with other comments, definentely not squirrel proof. See Photos. Still like it but have to keep a trumpet handy to drive off the bushy-tailed pests.


Anaheim, CA


Not at all squirrel resistant


The bird feeder looks beautiful I'll give it that. But, the squirrels figured out how to open it within an hour of hanging it up. I wired the top shut which worked for the top but then the squirrels squeezed through the openings. Next I wired all the top openings. This is way too much work to keep squirrels out. I would not recommend this feeder if you have squirrels in your yard.


Amherst, new york


Five stars for this heavenly feeder!


This bird feeder is not only pretty to look at but built sturdily with safe spaces for the little ones to feed!

Debbie Do

Tallahassee, FL




It is a very attractive feeder, but the seed does not "flow" down as it is eaten from the lower ports leaving gaps in the tube. The birds therefore find ports with no food available. The seed also gets wet in the rainy PNW, which also precludes it's flowing down. Small squirrels can get inside the cage, but the larger ones cannot. One did manage to get the top open. Will see how it does when the weather is dryer, but right now am very disappointed.


Beaverton, OR


no, it was not as was pictured.no brass on it; only Black


It was NOT squirrel Proof as advertised. I saw a squirrel 2 X inside the feeder. And it was comparable Cardinal birds to feed at.




Edwardian Bird Feeder

4.3 98