young gardener preparing rectangular fabric grow bag planter on a garden patio

Edge Grow Bag


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Create a Raised Garden Bed in Minutes with this Rectangular Fabric Grow Bag

  • Quick setup — no digging needed!
  • Create a garden bed in an underutilized space
  • Retains 40% more moisture than traditional planters

Dress up an empty area or beautify a bare patch without having to dig, prep, and maintain an in-ground garden bed. Or, create a vegetable or herb garden right on your deck or patio. Simply fill the bag with potting mix, lay it down, make cross-cuts in the surface, insert your plants, give everything plenty of water, and you're done! Fabric grow bag is breathable and retains moisture so plants stay hydrated between waterings and also prevents pesky weeds from invading.

Product Details

  • Landscape fabric
  • 36" L x 8" W x 4-1/2" H
  • Holds 108 quarts of potting mix

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