DIY Infused Olive Oil

DIY Infused Olive Oil


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DIY Infused Olive Oil

  • Make the freshest flavored oils with herbs you grow yourself
  • Herb-infused oils bring gourmet flair to culinary creations
  • A fun DIY activity and unique gift for friends and family

Herb-infused oils are favored by chefs for the unique flavors they bring to salads, dipping oils and savory dishes. Start by sowing the seeds and tending the plants. When it's time to harvest, it's time to craft your oil! The grow kit includes a planting bag, soil and a packet of premium organic seeds. You also get an authentic olive oil bottle and perfect-pour spout; you supply your favorite olive oil. Includes recipe for home-crafted infused oil.

The planting bag is made from repurposed bags originally used in India to hold the tea leaf harvest. They retain the print and patterns of the original tea bags, making each planting bag unique. The porous bags provide good soil aeration and drainage for optimal plant growth.

Product Details

  • Organic seeds, organic soil, recycled tea bags, glass
  • Bottle: 2-3/4" in diameter x 10-1/2" H
  • Pour stopper: 1-1/2" in diameter x 3-1/2" L

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