woman kneeling to lift up the door and expose the finished compost matter

Corner Compost Bin


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Additional Information

Triangular Compost Bin Corners the Market on Efficient Composting!

  • Easy, efficient and affordable compost bin
  • Unique shape tucks neatly into any corner
  • Up-Flow™ ventilation system speeds composting process
  • UV-protected recycled plastic withstands years of use and weather extremes

Making the most efficient use of your space — and your budget — is what the Corner Composter is all about. The ingenious three-sided shape fits tidily into any convenient corner, just a few short steps away when it's time to add kitchen scraps, garden waste or grass clippings. Inside, an advanced Up-Flow™ ventilation system enhances air flow to speed the composting process. To top it off, a snug-fitting lid discourages marauding critters, and the three access doors slide up for fast access to finished compost.

Product Details

  • Recycled polypropylene plastic
  • 30" L x 30" W x 31" H
  • Weighs 17 lbs.
  • Holds 8-1/2 cubic feet