simple view of a stack of 7 bricks of coconut coir and a bag of super hot compost starter

Compost Success Kit



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Expected to ship 1/31/21

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Get Faster, Better Results with the Compost Success Kit

  • Produce finished compost in record time!
  • Includes "brown" coir to layer with kitchen scraps
  • Compost Starter contains beneficial microbes to get your compost "cooking"

Compost Success Kit includes seven bricks of carbon-rich Eco-co® Coir to balance nitrogen-rich kitchen scraps, plus one bag of Super Hot® Compost Starter to speed decomposition. Coir is the perfect “brown” to layer with nitrogen-rich “green” kitchen scraps. Each brick expands into 10 qts. of coconut fiber. Super Hot® Compost Starter revs up your compost pile with nitrogen and beneficial microorganisms. 7 lbs. treats 8 bushels of material.

Product Details

  • Coir (all-natural coconut fiber)
  • Compost Starter contains blood meal, bone char, alfalfa meal, kelp meal, pasteurized poultry litter, natural nitrate of soda, feather meal, and peanut meal
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive