detail of single brick of coco coir atop pile of economic seed starting soil mix

Eco-co® Coir Seed Starting Mix


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Exclusive | Eco-co® Coir Seed Starting Mix — Simply the Best for Seed Starting

  • Effective and economical planting mix for starting seeds
  • Excellent germination rates and healthy seedling growth
  • Earth-friendly coir is derived from coconut husks

Our exclusive coir seed starting mix is an effective, economical and earth-friendly medium for starting seeds. Derived from recycled coconut husks, Eco-co Coir passed our extensive seed-starting trials with flying colors, providing excellent germination rates and producing healthy, sturdy seedlings. Unlike other coir products, our Eco-co Coir undergoes a special process to remove salts and to balance the pH for optimal plant growth. Then it's finely ground to provide the perfect environment for seedling roots. Eco-co Coir has excellent water-holding capacity yet drains well — so important for healthy root growth. Simply add water and each convenient compressed brick expands to 10 quarts of fluffy planting mix.

Product Details

  • Horticultural-grade, finely ground coconut coir
  • 8-1/4" L x 5-1/2" W x 2" H
  • Each brick expands to 10 quarts of mix
  • Gardener's Supply Exclusive

Great stuff !


I have bought this for the last 3yrs! It's great doesn't take up a lot of room & is easy to expand & use! Most of the seeds that I've planted in this ,some were a few years old, have grown! This product is wonderful, if you buy to many bricks & have to store it ,you don't need a lot of room to store it which is great! I'm sure there are people who don't like this stuff, I'm telling you I've used it & it works great ,much better than some of the seed starters that I've purchased at a dept.or hardware store & its actually cheaper !


Keeseville ,NY

Seed Starter and more


I use this coir to make my own seed starting mix. It is really finely shredded and needs no sieving to remove large pieces. Holds water well and has lots of air pockets.

Judy P

Millsboro DE

New favorite


This is my new favorite seed starting mix. The compact packaging is great for storage until use. It holds just enough water to help germinate without rotting the seed.


Walnut Creek


Works Well and Saves Space


My sister and I have been using coir blocks for several years. They take up so much less space and don't take long to re-hydrate after adding water.

Barb B

Chelmsford, MA


Can't do with out this!


a needed start to your new trees and bushes.


Eastern Plains of CO.


Most convenient way to start seeds


I start over 100 trays of seeds every year. These coir bricks are lightweight, easy to store, very compact and easy to move. SO much better than bagged started medium. No sticks, debris, clumps, etc. Hydrates quickly into a fluffy, light, moisture retentive mix. I love Gardeners Supply (and the phone people are just fantastic), but they're not cheap.


New York


Good product


I mixed it with my seed starting mix and also with my regular potting mix. It reconstitutes easily . Just add water wait about 10 minutes and it's ready.

soap lady

Becida, Mn Zone 3


It's good stuff


It's easy to store,works great& it's easy to use! Most of the seeds I started grew in this & some of the seeds were a few yrs. out of date! It does take a few minutes for it to soak up the water & expand ,so that you can use it ! But as it doesn't take up much space it's worth the wait!! I really like that it's a brick instead of a bag,that can spill & isn't easy to store!


Keeseville, N.Y?


I am so happy I got it. It has improved my potted plants


I have added it to my pots and I can see improvemenr


Pearland, TX


I will buy this product again and again


I use this product for starting seeds. It is easy to work with and I have very good results with it.


Chipley, FL


Eco-co® Coir Seed Starting Mix

4.6 115